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SSL Wooo / New doman - v3_exceed - 05-26-2017

And now there is a new domain name...
Nice and short and not going anywhere Wink

Now you are even more secure...  We know this is bullshit, but there is a pretty lock at the top now....

+1 mad props for Letsencrypt.

RE: SSL Wooo - Natural Variability - 06-01-2018

Just a question, how do we upload an Avatar?

RE: SSL Wooo - v3_exceed - 06-11-2018

(06-01-2018, 06:07 PM)Natural Variability Wrote: Just a question, how do we upload an Avatar?

HI Smile

Should be usercp/upload avatar...

If it doesn't go it might be something i have to fix... should be ok though....
Ok I just tested works Smile

RE: SSL Wooo - Guest - 06-11-2018

I sent Cracker Jack over here and we are getting together a bunch to come over here as a secure place to PM each other as well as post.