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Why Steam doesnt always suck.
Steam is a game publisher/content delivery network. They publish games like Halflife (Valve).
Back in the long ago I was a member of Steam. I have a steam ID, and I had Steam games. This fathers day my 32 year old son bought me a copy of Fallout 4.

Now to get this game I have to install steam. No problem I did that. Then they ask me to login. But I can't login because I forgot my username. So I go the recovery process to get my username. I enter in my email address, confirm my email address with the little code..... then wait.

Hours later the support people email me and say they cannot help me if I don't provide them with a cd key for the game i used to create the account... In 2004.

Like i even remember the game i might have used in 2004 to create the account much less even have a cd for it. So I search around the old software library and in 2004 we were big on lan parties. People would come over and we would play for hours.. So at the time we had setup a very popular counter strike server. In that server was my steam ID.

So I sent this to the support people...and they close my support request.

At that point..I decided to keep at it, not that i'm one to give up easily... soooooo
This time I started of with my Steam ID, username and confirmed email address (that i've had for 20 years)

And in just a few minutes..I got a response sending me my user/pass .i'm still in shock.. I think the fellow actually went above and beyond to help me.... so where I was going to post how much they suck... they were actually helpful
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