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The Pentagon - v3_exceed - 07-17-2018

And here we have the Pentagon. We all "know" that a plane..BIG plane hit the pentagon right? Well maybe it *cough...wasn't a plane. Maybe it was something else entirely. Lets have a look.

Below we have a cruise missile. Something about this size..or maybe a little bigger would be able to do the job. But There doesn't seem to be any footage....right?

[Image: 60a91bb058ecc801f72ba86b231226c1.jpg]

[Image: file.php?file=82721914d94a0af82c496b3dc4373f23]

But...where were the cameras? Don't we all remember hearing how the FBI collected all of the imaging on that day? Never to be released. Here are a couple of images that might help show what was going on.

[Image: f8b559000b65aeaee0dca0a9cddac45d.jpg]

[Image: 1054ba1402f6d038db998888e9ab19dc.jpg]

[Image: 9af60887a57ce13606c0aeb9c3ff0c25.jpg]

[Image: bae21e9ed4ddacb24587684414eb2274.jpg]